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The future of money is decentralized and that includes custody

BitDirect is an easy entry point for anyone to help manage people’s bitcoin all under one roof through a shared custodial, 2-of-3 multi-signature wallet structure coupled with offline private key storage facilitated through bitcoin hardware devices.

Built with Trustlessness in Mind

BitDirect is BIP48 Compatible. The Advisor and the Client are free to move their bitcoin via a third-party wallet provider (like Electrum) without any involvement from BitDirect, as they control two of the three keys.

Simple onboarding process


Name, email, phone, No KYC

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Bitcoin without having to trust a third party custodian

The countless scams, exchange hacks, confiscation and freezing of funds are still occurring all too frequently within the bitcoin industry, and as private keys are held by both the Advisor and the client there is full control over the custody of the client’s bitcoin.

Cold Storage

Hardware devices store the Advisor’s and Client’s keys offline.

Multi Signature Wallets

The Advisor and the Client both need to sign a transaction for the funds to move.

Management Fees

Advisor can customise bitcoin management fees per client, charged as an APR (Annual Percentage Rate, paid in bitcoin, accrued daily).

Client Management

Customer names, public addresses, transaction data and balances are all displayed in a single place.

Open To Everyone

Anyone who wants to act as an Advisor and manage an additional backup private key on behalf of friends and family.

Estate Planning

Working with the Advisor and the Executor of the Client’s Estate, the legitimate beneficiaries will receive the funds in the event of the client’s death.


Restore access in the event the client loses their hardware device and recovery seed.


The Advisor and Client control 2 out of 3 keys so they can move funds via a third party wallet provider without BitDirect.

Annuity Referral Fee

Ongoing referral fee of 0.05% APR (accrued daily) of the bitcoin under management for any new Advisor referred.

Transfer Bitcoin From Exchanges



0.25% p.a

Bitcoin under management accrued daily.


0% – 8% p.a

Bitcoin under management accrued daily.