The BitDirect platform operates on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform. The security provided by the Azure platform can be considered the same as your experience by using the Windows operating system. Microsoft has had decades of experience in this field.

BitDirect’s private key is stored within Azure Key Vault on Azure’s servers. This is the private key that is used to sign all client transactions when the responsibility resides with BitDirect. Azure Key Vault is a one-way vault where the private key is inserted and it is impossible to retrieve and move to any other device. No whole key can be extracted or exported.

The only thing that the BitDirect platform is capable of doing is passing transactions into the Key Vault for signing, and in return, receiving transaction signatures for processing.

The architecture of the BitDirect platform has been built with Trustlessness in mind. The structure of a client’s multi-signature wallet can be publicly verified through the bitcoin software, by recreating the bitcoin wallet with any BIP-48 compatible bitcoin wallet (like Electrum). The creation of new public addresses should always be tested first before use.